Maria Veniaminovna Yudina
(9th September, 1899. Nevel - 19th November, 1970. Moscow)

In Memoriam...

"I know the only way to God: through art."

"I do not insist that my way is universal; I know that other roads exist.But I feel that my way is the only one available to me; everything divine or spiritual has first revealed itself to me through art, through a branch of it -- music. It is my calling! My trust and my strength is in this. I have to follow the way of spiritual contemplation eternally and constantly, and prepare myself for enlightenment, which is to come one day. This is the sense of my life here; I am a link in the chain of art."
............................................................. ('Nevel' diary, 1916)


















 Ludwig van Beethoven: 32 Variations in C minor.

"These variations make me think of the Crucifixion of Christ -- sometimes you hear the knocks of hammered nails."

A year ago, on the eve of the hundredth birthday anniversary of Maria Yudina, we restored a recording of her concert in Kiev on April 4, 1954. The fate of this recording is rather wondrous. Many years ago the open reel tape with the only copy of this recording was retrieved from a trash can. It was discarded because the recording didn't meet technical standards. Indeed, the recording equipment was poor . And as a result considerable distortion will be heard. In fact this is more noticeable than is usual for live recordings of this period. Nevertheless, in our opinion, it is a great document featuring Yudina's art in the early 1950s. Until now no other recordings of the Beethoven 32 variations in C minor, the Sonatas op. 27 no. 2 and op. 31 no.2, and a few more pieces she played then, have been released. Most likely recordings do not exist. Judging from the rather scanty details of programs of her recitals, we are inclined to assume that she tended to put the most complicated and impressive pieces in the very beginning , for instance the Beethoven op. 111, or Mozart sonata and fantasia in C minor. That concert she started from the 32 variations which she would call "the last Chaconne".....
Ludwig van Beethoven: 32 variations in C minor - a fragment (MP3: 578Kb)
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